What's in your recruiting tech stack?

Find out how leaders are evaluating recruiting technology options and which vendors are at the top of their lists

CareerXroads and Aptitude Research have been watching talent acquisition technology trends for years. Recently, we have noticed a distinct shift in the way technology solutions are presented and a growing shift in the way talent acquisition leaders are evaluating technology. This evolution inspired us to collaborate and create this overview of the TA Technology Landscape. The insights in this report are based on discussions from CareerXroads events, interviews with leading talent acquisition professionals, and various research studies from Aptitude Research.


Download a sample of this 24-page report.

This report will help you and your team:

  • Learn what recruiting technology comprises today's tech stacks
  • Discover which tech solutions have risen to the top of recruiting leaders' lists
  • Receive a comprehensive RFP to help you get the most from your next recruiting technology purchase
  • Learn from the best of the best with 5 case studies from CXR members

Report price: $1,599